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SliceandKaz23 was a ship between the very well known users GMD Kaz and Sliceanddice23. How the ship came into existence is unknown, but the ship has sunken due to Kaz turning gay. However, SliceandKaz23 haven't left the community's hearts. It is one of the most popular ships to date.

Never forget.

Wait, Kaz turned gay? That's... actually kinda depressing. I come here to meme on users and I get hit right in the feels. Thanks, Ghost.

Also, whoever is reading this, I no longer have Slice's kinda sorta face reveal stored on my computer. That hunk of trash is long gone. Also that's actually really creepy

Sad that it looks like most people have gone their separate ways. WolfLord has my number, but that's it.

Also Espe I see your ain't innocent alright. I went up your furry bootyhole.

And because nobody will ever see this: Mew.

Feeling incredible nostalgic right now.