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Oiniteodertoum12, also known as Oinitoum, is a ship between Airtoum and Oiniteoderfla12. Although there is no known evidence that they "Redacted", there are a few fanfictions that included Oiniteodertoum12.


The earliest known Oiniteodertoum12 fanfic was when Airtoum created "Geometry Sass - Thread 4". Them, Oinite and Marshall were included in a fanfiction made by "MaLuckyDay" which had to do with Airtoum inviting Oinite to their house to "prepare himself for Kaz's moves", then Airtoum redacted Oinite and invited Marshall in, although, at this time, Oiniteodertoum was not a real ship yet. [1]

When Geometry Sass was rebooted by Cookie (tnx cookie) Oiniteoderfla12 hesitated to make an Oiniteodertoum fanfic, but then decided to make it anyway. It was a "Remastered" version of the fanfic Airtoum made, and it was more based on Oinite's perspective. [2] [3]

It is not exactly known when Airtoum actually started Oiniteodertoum, but on "Super Saucy Secrets Time" it is revealed that Oinite is fine with this ship (although in a secretive way) and so is Airtoum. [4]

After Oinite left on June 12, 2017, the ship seemed to have died. [5] Although he returned on September 11, 2017 [6], Airtoum himself has declared he will leave the wiki on October 24, 2017 because he "can't stand some people on it"[7].


  • This is Oiniteoderfla12's first real ship.
    • Although he dislikes being shipped, he is actually fine being shipped with Airtoum. The reason is unknown.
  • This ship today is less known because Oinite hasn't done that much with Airtoum.
  • Oinite mentions that it's fine being shipped with ONLY Airtoum and not anyone else.


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