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GD Ghost GD Ghost 30 August 2017


This is all about cookies.

As all of you know, I love to eat cookies. They are so delicious, it's pure sex to the mouth. Biting into a nice cookie is the best thing in the world, I tell you. Cookies taste amazing! I've been eating cookies for many years, and I thought they were nothing more than just food you can eat. However, I discovered that there is actually a cookie religion, and so, I worship the cookie god. Cookies guide me, I do cookies' bidding.

You probably think I'm crazy and you are laughing at what I am saying. I am being 100% serious here. You must accept cookies as religion. Not false idols, you see. A false idol cookie is the true seed of evil, you see. Have an open heart, embrace cookies as if they were new children. Some co…

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The Playfics


Yes, Thats real. I am making Fanfics.

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Probably Intervert Probably Intervert 1 October 2016


okay so here's how to write decent articles here we go

  1. Have a decent name for the ship. Ideally, you should avoid naming an article simply after its members - you have to do the portmanteau thing with the names and things. OsirVert wins over OsirisYT x Probably Intervert.
  2. Get the table right. Add it right at the beginning, add every field on a separate line, look at other tables for the standard layout of tables - just don't write it out as a single line out of order and with weird formatting.
  3. Be original. "they liek to do de sexing lennylennylenny" isn't funny or even an attempt to write an original article.
  4. Be at least slightly funny. Now, I know what you're thinking - "but Inny, Scopio x Allison wasn't even semi-amusing!" It wasn't supposed t…
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GMD Kaz GMD Kaz 26 August 2016



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