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Airkazpio is the best gay ship the GDWiki has to offer.


  • It all started when Airtoum jokingly gave Kaz kudos on a post that said
  • "Kudos if you're my secret lover. [lenny]"
  • Kaz then came to Airtoum's message wall, inviting him to have [redacted].
  • Of course, this made quite a stir on the wiki, and the stir was only intensified when Airtoum accepted.
  • Scopio demanded that he be allowed to watch, but was refused. However, he watched anyways, but in ninja-mode.
  • Rising was told to draw art of it, and she did.
  • At least twice after that, the three of them got together and [redacted]ed.
  • Rising drew a short comic about it.